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Industry Specific Lists

We provide unique sector classifications to help you target exactly the industries you are interested in. Our Industry Mailing List Service has been exclusively designed to meet your objects in regards to business requirements.

Through our services, we make you available with detailed contact information about important prospects from varied sector such as Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Hospitality, Insurance, Travel, Media, Real Estate, Automotive, Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Retail, Biotechnology, Telecommunication, Logistics and Mining etc.

Types of Industry and Specific Email Lists
  • Healthcare Industry - Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Physician and Doctors, Nurses, etc
  • Chemical Industry - Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medicinal & Botanicals, Paints & Allied Products, etc
  • Information Technology - Computer Hardware, Software, and IT Resellers (Value Added Resellers), etc
  • Construction Industry - Floor Covering Stores, Industrial Buildings & Warehouses, Trade Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Heavy Construction Contractors.
  • Automotive Industry - Automobile dealers, New & Used Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers, Gasoline Service Stations, Boat Dealers, etc
  • Finance & Banking - Insurance Agents, Banks, Financial Services, Credit Agency Non Bank, Mortgage Bankers & Correspondents, etc
  • Publishing Industry - Trade Publishing, Educational Publishing, Book publishing, etc
  • Manufacturing Industry - Food, Kindred Products, Textile, Apparel, Furniture, Fixtures, etc
  • Education Industry - Primary-Schools, K-12, Colleges, Universities, Schools, etc
  • Wholesalers and Distributors - Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts, Office Equipment, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Electric Parts & Equipment, Machinery & Equipment, etc and All other industries.
  • Electrical & Electronics Industry - Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing Companies, Integrated Device Manufacturers, Fables Semiconductor Manufacturers, Semiconductor Foundries, Semiconductor Suppliers, Electronic Design Services, Intellectual Property Providers etc.
  • Other Industry - Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Retail, Management Consulting, Marketing & Advertising, Engineering, Energy Etc
  • Develop connections without any geographical barriers.
  • Reach your key-decision makers without any technical restrictions.
  • Get introduced to high-level executives from any industry specific certifications.
  • Increase your Return On Investment.