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Data Scrubbing

Data Scrubbing is a method used to identify and correct, duplicated or inaccurate records within a list or database. It involves identifying all inaccurate information on the database and either deleting them or replacing them with accurate information. It can be done through different techniques such as data transformation, data reduplication and the use of statistical methods.

How do we check and correct your data
  • We validate each record in your customer file through an automatic matching process. During this process.
  • We scan your data with our master database of 30 million business contacts. In this automated process.
  • The matched records will be flagged and updated with fresh data. Apart from this, we manually check.
  • The records and ensure that the contacts are valid.
  • Standardize and clean-up contact entries.
  • De-duplicate and merge duplicate records within the contact database.
  • Data cleansing can improve match rates when appending additional intelligence to your database.
  • Clean data can reduce customer distress thus improving brand image.
  • Data scrubbing can ultimately improve response rates.
  • Expand ROI and increase revenue.