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Contact Appending

It is a part of the marketing strategy where you can gain more comprehensive contacts lists which will provide you the best person to contact with the current tittles. It also provides multiple contacts of key decision makers within a company. Keeping track of changing titles and job roles is challenging, Sun Info Tech Inc has current information about contact details of various titles within a company.

Typical contacts information appended

Business title, Contact name, Email address, Line of business, Contact information (offline, online and social) Zip Code, SIC Code etc.

What Can We Do For You
  • We match your business data with our large master database. At first, we do automatic data matching process.
  • During this process, the system flags similar records and fresh data is appended to these records.
  • The remaining unmatched records are manually verified by experts. Our data team then appends with more information.
  • A wider market within the same company.
  • Helps you finding the most accurate contact according to your product or services.
  • Establish new connection within the same organization.
  • Get more counts and increase the size of contact base.
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaign.
  • Increase marketing campaign ROI.