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B2C Data Appending

Sun Info Tech Inc can guide you with specialized b2c data matching service to give you the exact contain information of your target audience that meet the criteria of your organization in order to make your e-email campaigns a success. We help you reach the right audience by matching the data against our master database identify the missing and outdated data and replace them with the accurate data.

How does Consumer Data Appending Work

We can enhance your consumer database by filling in the gaps with an array of contact information such as Email, Postal Address, Telephone number along with demographic profiling such as Marital, Employment and Homeowner status or Interests and Social Profiling.

  • Increase sales opportunities by multi-channel marketing.
  • Keep your data clean and up-to-date.
  • Reduce email bounces from email campaigns.
  • Quick revival of sales channel with minimum cost.
  • Improve your ROI from your email marketing.
  • Expand ROI and increase revenue.